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Scam Alert


It's been brought to our attention that an individual is trying to collect money for legal service and/or warrants from citizens of Mississippi County over the phone.  This individual is giving the name of Lt. Mike Barry and stating that he works for the Mississippi County Sheriff's Department.  He's requesting personal information for verification purposes and payments transferred to a green dot card.  He also gives different voice mail numbers with a recording that states this is the Mississippi County Sheriff's Department.  


The Mississippi County Sheriff's Department will never verify personal information over the phone.  To do this, you must physically come out to the Sheriff's Department in Luxora with photo identification.  And we will NEVER ask you to transfer money to a green dot card or any other card.  Our phone numbers are 870-762-2243 and 870-658-2242.  Our tip line number is 870-658-7024 (voice mail only). 

If you have any questions about this scam or need to report any contact with this individual, please call us at 870-762-2243 or 870-658-2242.