Mississippi County
Sheriff's Office
Luxora, Arkansas
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"Mission #1 is to Protect and Serve"

Located in northeast Arkansas, Mississippi County was established by Act of the Territorial Legislature on November 1, 1833, and was named for the Mississippi River which forms the entire eastern boundary. Mississippi County land area is 920 square miles.

The City of Osceola was the original county seat. The County became a dual seat by Act 81 of 1901. This Act divided Mississippi County into Judicial Districts, the Osceola District and the Chickasawba District.

Mississippi County's rich Delta soil still supports a large but more various farming industry; including cotton and soybeans. Additionally, the County is a strong producer of wheat and rice. The drastic move away from labor-intensive methods, however, has brought new challenges to the county's people and their leaders. The move toward a more machine-intensive output allows for increased productivity and capital use.