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Patrol Division

The Mississippi County Sheriff's Department, Patrol Division, consists of 30 certified deputies. They include a Patrol Commander, Patrol Lieutenant, four Shift Sergeants, thirteen Patrolmen, one K9, two School Resource Officers, two full time Bailiff/Process Servers, a part time Bailiff, four courthouse security personnel, and two transport officers. Patrol deputies are responsible for answering and handling all calls for service from the public in Mississippi County.  They are responsible for patrolling all county roads and providing a presence as a measure to help deter crime.  All deputies respond to complaint calls, crimes in progress, take reports, serve warrants, work accidents, and perform a wide range of duties on a daily basis.

The patrol unit has the responsibility to maintain a safe and orderly environment for citizens and visitors in all areas of Mississippi County.  These are the men and women who are the first to respond to your call for help.  They are almost always the first to arrive on a scene and give aid and comfort the injured.  They often put themselves in harm's way every day to stabilize a violent domestic call or search a dark building for a dangerous suspect.

  Photo of David Gladden Photo of Jay Bohannan  
  Capt. David Gladden
Patrol Commander
Lt. Jay Bohannan
Assistant Patrol Commander
Photo of Larry Whitehead Photo of Matthew Richardson Photo of Steve Lancaster Photo of Wes Souders
Sgt. Larry Whitehead Sgt. Matthew Richardson Sgt. Steve Lancaster Sgt. Wes Souders
K9 Handler
Photo of Byron St. Laurent Photo of David Pinkerton Photo of Glen Teeter Photo of Jared Camp
Cpl. Bryon St. Laurent Cpl. David Pinkerton Cpl. Glen Teeter Cpl. Jared Camp
Photo of Johnathon Boatman Photo of Loyd Danner Employment photo of officer gary cooper Photo of Austin Griffin
Cpl. Johnathon Boatman Cpl. Loyd Danner Deputy Gary Cooper Deputy Austin Griffin
Photo of Bobbie Fair Photo of George Hinson Photo of Harrison Hughes Photo of Johnathon Wofford
Deputy Bobbie Fair Deputy George Hinson Deputy Harrison Hughes Deputy Jonathon Wofford
Photo of Stonie Vandyke Photo of Police Dog Photo of Jimmy Brooks employment photo of deputy jackie hill
Deputy Stonie Vandyke Deputy Reno Sgt. Jimmy Brooks
Courthouse Security
Deputy Jackie Hill
Courthouse Security
  Photo of Mark Echols Photo of Jerry Byrd Photo of Lannie Byrd

Courthouse Security

Deputy Mark Echols
Courthouse Security
Sgt. Jerry Byrd
Court Bailiff
Cpl. Lannie Byrd
Court Bailiff/Process Server
Photo of Joe Parsons Photo of William Travis Photo of Matt Huckabay Photo of Luke Davis
Cpl. Joe Parsons
Process Server
Capt. William Travis
School Resource Officer
Sgt. Matthew Huckabay
School Resource Officer
Deputy Luke Davis
Photo of Terry Treadway Sr.      
Deputy Terry Treadway Sr.