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Dispatch Center

The Dispatch Center is a twenty-four hour, seven days a week operation. They are responsible for monitoring staff and detainee movements through secure areas and monitoring all alarms. 

The Dispatch Center handles emergency 911 calls for service as well as wireless calls, non-emergency, and allied agency calls. The calls for service range from in-progress crimes such as a robbery or an assault to non-emergency calls, such as past petty thefts or loud music disturbance calls. The Dispatch Center is also responsible for the dispatching of patrol units to calls for service.

In addition, they enter data in the CAD system; perform computer inquiries into ACIC/NCIC when requested by certified officers; enter and maintain stolen property, vehicles, warrants served and missing persons into ACIC/NCIC; and work with the Office of Emergency Management in monitoring and issuing emergency notifications. 

  Photo of Meredith Champion  
  Meredith Champion
Chief Dispatcher
Photo of Diana Richardson Head shot   Photo of Lisa Bearden
Diana Richardson
Denise Brooks
Control Board

Lisa Bearden
Control Board
  Photo of Harlea McCullar Photo of Kathryn Farrow  

Harlea McCullar
Control Board
Kathryn Henderson
Control Board

employee photo      
Kristy Penix