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Phone Scam


Residents of Mississippi County have been receiving phone calls from a female identifying herself as a process server. This person has been using the name Vanessa Perkins. She states she has legal papers for a law suit against the person she is calling. She tells them she will serve the papers on them or they can call 1-855-887-1183 and speak with the law firm, Steinburg Russo and Associates about making arrangements to pay the debt or to obtain more information about the debt. When you call the number the person, who identifies himself to be Shawn Green, manager of the legal department will ask for your name or case number. The person will tell you about a debt you owe and will even know you date of birth and social security number. He or she will tell you that you can pay by credit card, debit, card, or by mailing a money order to 2910 S Archibald Av. Ontario, Ca. 917761. The person will also say by paying this debt today you will save several thousand dollars in legal fees.... The address given comes back to a mailbox in a UPS store in Ontario California. This is a confirmed scam and the MCSD has passed this information on to the Ontario Police Department.