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Bondsman Scam


The Mississippi County Sheriff's Office has been made aware that scammers, portraying themselves as bondsmen, are reviewing our online inmate roster.  They are then seeking out family members through various means to solicit money to "bond" detainees out of jail. 

Scammers are continuously finding new and unique ways to scam the citizens of Mississippi County.  Please be aware!

If someone calls you claiming to be a bondsman, ask their full name, the name of the bonding company they work for, and their state license number (especially if you are not actively seeking out a bondsman).  A legitimate bondsman will have no problem giving you this information.  Then call the bonding company's listed phone number to verify that the person you talked to works for them and is a licensed bondsman who sought you out on the behalf of another.

Otherwise, do not give money or valuables to a "bondsman" you did not seek out, or you may find yourself a victim of a scam.