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Federal Indictments Served


On Wednesday May 3, 2023 the Mississippi County Sheriff's Office, DEA, ATF, 2nd DTF with assistance from the Manila Police Department served five Federal Indictments for various drug and firearms charges.  Six others had been previously served.  All individuals are in Federal custody.


Justina Freeman Edward Hancock Christian Elbert Shelly Malloy Samantha Brown
38 Years Old 44 Years Old 31 Years Old 41 Years Old 34 Years Old
Manila Blytheville Blytheville Manila Blytheville


Previously arrested



Jerry Tucker Daniel Archer Curtis Cooper Charles Tharp Brandon Jefferson Jeffrey McCain
31 Years Old 45 Years Old 33 Years Old 35 Years Old 26 Years Old 50 Years Old
Blytheville Manila Paragould Blytheville Blytheville Manila



The Mississippi County Sheriff's Office would like to thank all Federal and local agencies.