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Phone Scams


We’ve received a few calls about scams that are currently taking place throughout Mississippi County.  There are unknown individuals calling and stating they work for a Social Security Company and informing individuals to load certain sums of money onto gift cards or other forms of money cards.  They are then requesting the card information and stating the money would be refunded once the warrant has been cleared. 

The Mississippi County Sheriff’s Department will never call you and request you to load funds onto gift cards to take care of warrants or anything else.  Nor will any other law enforcement agency, including any federal agency (Social Security Office, IRS, etc…) We do not operate in this manner. 

If you receive one of these calls, please do not give out any personal information or access to funds.  Gather as much information as possible from the caller and call your local law enforcement agency. 

There are other arrest warrant scams and low interest credit card scams occurring as well.  Please be aware of these. 

For more information on how to recognize a phone scam and what to do, check out the link below from the Federal Trade Commission. 

Phone Scams