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The Mississippi County Jail is under the leadership and direction of Captain Charles "Bo" McCollum serving as Jail Administrator, responsible for the entire jail operation.


Assistant Jail Administrator, Bonnie Brooks, is responsible for in house medical billing, jail records, detainee mail, and general office duties.


Chief Jailer, Lt. Matthew McClain, maintains security in the jail, investigates detainee grievances, and makes sure the jail is adequately staffed.


Booking Officer Brandon Petty, is responsible for intake, fingerprinting, and photographing all detainees. Nights and weekends are covered by jailers that are crossed trained in booking.


Kitchen Supervisors, Virda Foster and Peggy Soward maintain the kitchen , order the food, and serve an average of 158 detainees 3 meals a day with the help of trustees.


Our full time jail nurse is responsible for all nurse call and medication. We also have a doctor that makes weekly visits.


Maintenance Supervisor, Lucky Smith keeps the Mississippi County Jail operational.


Fully staffed we have four sergeants and twenty jailers. They work four, 12 hour shifts. They cover all jail duties, and also do medication and booking after regular hours and on weekends. All jailers are required to have a 40 hour Jail Standards course.


The high count for the jail in 2015 is 194, low count 130, and our average count is 158. The detainees at the Mississippi County Jail have access to TV's, phones, church service, visitation, law library, and yard call.


We operate within the guidelines set by Jail Standards, and they routinely inspect our facility.



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