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Stay Vigilant: Tips to Deter Property Crime

Stay Vigilant:  Tips to Deter Property Crime


Many theft of property incidents are no force events.  This means no force was used to enter a residence, shop, or other type of structure; and/or no force was used to take an item simply left unsecured.  This means we are not doing all we can to prevent being victimized.  I want to highlight a few things you can do to help safeguard your property. 


  • Lock all doors and windows (if you have hollow entry doors, consider changing them to solid wood or metal clad doors which are much harder to kick in.)
  • Make sure all entrances are well lit (don’t provide a dark hiding place.)
  • Don’t leave blinds or curtains open (this encourages window shopping.)
  • Don’t leave valuables in plain sight (advertising what you have piques the interest of thieves.)
  • Don’t leave property unsecured in your yard (lawnmower, bicycle, etc.)
  • Never leave your vehicle(s) unsecured (roll windows up and lock doors).
  • Consider a home security system (there are many available at a reasonable cost.)


Incorporate Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), especially in rural areas. This creates an outdoor environment that makes property crime difficult.  More information on CPTED.

I think your efforts in implementing these suggestions will have a significant impact on crime deterrence.  Remember to stay vigilant and as always the Mississippi County Sheriff’s Department is here to serve you.


Thank you,


Aubry D. Cook