Mississippi County
Sheriff's Office
Luxora, Arkansas
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The Mississippi County Sheriff’s Department Administration Division consists of six clerical positions (Office Manager, Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper, Warrants/Civil Process, Court Records, Records Clerk, and Receptionist) and two Chief Deputies. 

The Office Manager supervises the daily operations and activities of the office personnel.  She also serves as the Sheriff’s secretary and assists him with his duties.  The Office Manager acts as a liaison between the Sheriff and staff; other agencies, and the public.  She is also responsible for submitting payroll to the county financial management office; acts as financial point of contact for all grants; and maintains all personnel files and records.

The Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper maintains accounts of all monies processed by the Sheriff’s Department.  She also processes all expungements, court ordered refunds, and assists the Sheriff with various tasks.  In addition, she opens and oversees court granted payment arrangement accounts for all traffic, misdemeanor, and felony violations.

The Warrants/Civil Process Clerk receives and processes all legal service including Eviction Notices, Orders of Protection, Summonses, Subpoenas, Child Support Orders, and various Writs.  She also receives, maintains, and verifies warrants.  In addition, the Warrants/Civil Process Clerk prepares and maintains all Arkansas Department of Correction and Department of Community Correction commitment packets and paperwork.  She also processes fine payments and serves as back-up for the receptionist.

The Court Records Clerk is responsible for processing arrests reports and citations for court. He maintains the court docket, rap sheets, and processes bail bonds. In addition, he performs records checks for various agencies and individuals. The Court Records Clerk also assists with fine payments and serves as back-up for the receptionist.

The Records Clerk is responsible for processing credit/debit card payments for traffic citations and payment plan accounts.  She assists with detainee commissary accounts, reception duties, and in processing mail.  In addition, the Records Clerk assists in debt collection for outstanding court ordered fines and fees.

The Receptionist is responsible for six incoming phone lines and assisting the public. She also processes account payments, traffic citations, and accident reports.  In addition, she prepares and maintains all detainee work release files; and assists the Office Manager with various tasks.

The Chief Deputy/Law Enforcement is responsible for the direct and indirect supervision of the Law Enforcement Division and Communications Division. 

The Chief Deputy/Administration is responsible for administrative duties related to the Detention Center.